Meet The Directors

We have a professional team with a variety of youth development experience. We are enthusiastic about fostering an environment of growth for your child this coming summer. Meet our team!

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TJ & Amanda Nicholson, Executive Director

TJ is a veteran at making Camp a safe and fun second home for kids. He and Amanda have specialized in youth camping for over 20 years and love the slower pace that is Huawni. TJ even served as a director of The Institute of Wildness Studies wehere he is a registered falconer through the North American Falconry Association and member of the Aquatic Animal Life Support Operator. TJ and Amanda lead camp with their three children: Jace, Adley and Crew. TJ and Amanda have deep roots right here in East Texas too; they grew up in Palestine and Nacogdoches. TJ and Amanda want you to know that your child matters and also that your child knows they matter.

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Taylor & Jonathan Cox, Women & Mens’ Directors

Taylor oversees Girls Camp and has grow up at Huawni. In Taylor’s words, Huawni has played a pivotal role in her learning a lot about herself and who she was created to be. Taylor has lived and breathed Huawni over the last six summers serving in nearly every staff role. She loves camp so much that she spent her post graduate year from Texas A&M in a fellows program specializing in youth camping. Taylor enjoys cooking anythying in a crockpot and is an avid runner. She also loves Huawni so much that she recruited over her newly wed husband and Men’s Director Jonathan! Jonathan oversees Boys Camp and is passionate about Huawni being a place where all kids are loved and welcomed. Jonathan also spent his post-graduate year specializing in youth camping. Jonathan is an old soul, indulging in sitcoms like Cheers the classic tunes of Van Halen and Jimmy Hendrix. He’s also a basketball fanatic and is ready a moment’s notice to mix it up in 3 on 3. Jonathan loves the small feel of Huawni and that it’s a place for campers and staff to discover their true selves.

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Ms. Ada Earl, Head Cook

Ms. Ada has been serving her famous fried chicken for over 30 summers at Camp Huawni. Ms. Ada makes sure that your camper is happy, healthy, and never leaves the dining hall hungry. Ms. Ada is a great dancer, loves to laugh, and constantly embodies love at Camp.

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Travis & Mandi Adams, Owners

Travis and Mandi want Camp Huawni to be a place where kids know they are valued and loved. We believe in hiring fun, caring, and mature staff that are the kind of role models we want for our own kids. Travis grew up at Camp Huawni and has served in virtually every role from groundskeeper to Director since 1995. Travis and Mandi met in Austin in 2011 and decided to continue the Huawni legacy so that the next generation of kids would experience the magic. They currently live in Tyler, Texas with their three boys– Barrett, John Brooks, and Westley– where Travis works as Owner of Camp Huawni, Grow My Camp, and Mandi as a professional counselor. Their current role at Huawni is to protect the traditions and the vision of camp being a second home for all campers.