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Director Emeritus, Chris Watlington, continues to be a part of the spirit, heart, and traditions at Camp Huawni. He shared with us some New Year’s Resolutions to pass along to the Boys Camp (We are a summer camp for boys and girls of course – but this is just for the boys). Here’s what he has to say…

  1. At teeth time, use toothpaste instead of tomato paste.
  2. Laugh at Joel Koonce but never act like him.

  1. Before the school year is over, sneak into the principal’s office, play Chicken Train over the intercom, and throw someone smaller than you into the nearest body of water.
  2. In Geography class, never refer to Asia without adding “Jones” to the end of it.

And the number one Resolution this year for Boys Camp…

  1. During your school’s Pledge of Allegiance, pretend it’s Flag Raising and after the Pledge Scream “The Farmer Comes Out, Shotgun in Hand!” then run to breakfast (inside joke for those who don’t know who have never been to Camp Huawni – definitely harmless).

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for Camp this year?

inwauh and love,
Chris Watlington, Director Emeritus