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Health & Safety Preparedness Plan

We will rely on expert guidance on COVID-19 provided by federal and state government and health professionals, including the CDC, Texas Department of State Health Services, and Dr. Furniss, with the goal of providing a safe and fun environment for campers and staff. Doing so will allow us to customize practical steps to prevent the entry of COVID-19 and limit impact to campers and staff if entry occurs.

Camp Huawni continues to identify additional processes to affect each of these objectives and improve our strategy as information and technology are updated on a daily basis. Thus, all current strategies will by reviewed and evaluated on a weekly basis.



✔ All campers and staff must submit their health forms, Pre-Arrival Form, and COVID-19 Waiver.

✔ All health documentation will be reviewed. Any person that represents a higher risk for COVID-19 (ex. chronic asthma, immunosuppression, cardiovascular disease) will require cancellation or dismissal from Camp. All decisions for level of risk will be made by Camp Huawni Lead Doctor and/or nursing staff.


✔ All staff must quarantine for at least 7 days prior to entering campgrounds.

✔ All staff will receive an in-person check up by Camp Huawni medical staff, testing for any symptoms related to COVID-19 in lieu of fever. Following this check up, every staff member is required to do a daily thermal scan, which will be logged.


✔ All campers must quarantine for at least 7-14 days (depending on which Pre-Arrival option chosen) prior to entering campgrounds. For any parent that is high-risk for COVID-19, please stay at home and make drop-off arrangements with another family member.

✔ On Opening Day, all campers upon immediate arrival will stay inside their vehicles where they will then receive a thermal scan and asked if they have had any sickness or fever in the last two weeks.

✔ All campers must have their Pre-Arrival Form printed, completed, and ready to present during check-in. We will not permit any camper without this form to attend their session.

Download Pre-Arrival Form

✔ Parents at camp will not be allowed inside any buildings at check-in or closing, including cabins, with the exception of a designated location for restroom use that will be regularly sanitized during arrival and closing celebrations.

✔ Medical check-in will be done outside via multiple tents to reduce group/line size.

✔ Trunks, luggage, and mail dropped off will be disinfected.



✔ For safety, we will have a closed campus throughout the summer except for Opening and Closing Day when campers are being dropped off and picked up. Our vendors (ex. food supplier and shipping carrier) have also agreed to follow our preparedness plan.


✔ Staff will perform daily temperature checks on all campers and counselors by the end of breakfast period. Temperatures are logged daily. Any camper or staff with a fever over 99.5°F will receive a second temperature check. If reading persists, camper or staff will receive a test for COVID-19.

✔ Any camper or staff, at any point during the week, that exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19 in lieu of fever (shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc.) will be tested.


✔ All hand washing stations and sanitation dispensers are strategically located throughout camp and properly restocked and disinfected daily.

✔ Hand washing and hand sanitizing is required before and after every meal period.

✔ Several times throughout each day, all cabins, dining hall, kitchen, health clinic, and public restrooms are sanitized with EPA-approved disinfectant spray in addition to EPA-approved sanitizer spray currently used. Regional risk management staff will perform documented weekly audits of each camp’s cleaning routine to ensure a thorough cleaning process maintained throughout summer.

✔ Hand sanitizing is required at the beginning and end of each activity period by all campers and staff. All workspaces and equipment are disinfected several times daily.

✔ Daily morning cabin cleanings will include use of EPA-approved disinfectant spray or wipes of all commonly-touched surfaces (bathrooms, door knobs, bunk rails). Another surface disinfection will happen before dismissal from afternoon rest period.


✔ All indoor events are moved outdoors and coordinated to have smaller groups as well as appropriate social distancing between groups. Meal periods are divided into two groups per meal period to maintain spacing, and all camp meals are served individually instead of family-style.


✔ A final temperature check will be conducted during Saturday breakfast.

✔ Luggage are disinfected before returned to campers with parents/guardians.

✔ A registered nurse will be available at each youth camp through Closing Day to address any parent concerns or questions.

✔ For any parent or household family member that is high-risk for COVID-19, please stay at home and make pick-up arrangements with another family member. We strongly advise that your camper then quarantine for 14 days post-camp.

✔ A follow-up email will be sent to all parents after their week of Camp, providing them with symptoms for them to monitor and a method for communicating back to Camp Huawni if their child is sick immediately after camp.