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Purpose of Huawni

We want Camp Huawni to be a second home for your camper. Our desire is for your child to leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose.

Our Mission

Love your kids. We define love as accepting where one is currently and believing in who one is truly.

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We believe…

  • Simple fun is the most fun.
  • We were made to play outdoors.
  • Rich tradition provides consistency in an inconsistent world.
  • Life is meaningful relationships.
  • True significance and purpose begins and ends with our Creator.
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How Do We Make It Happen?

So how do we reach our goal of truly and deeply loving all your kiddos? While there’s no one combination, there are a handful of “key moves” that allow your child to flourish at Camp Huawni:

  • We love giving specific and customized encouragement to each camper. We want them to know that they have us in their corner.
  • We spend quality time getting to truly know your son or daughter.
  • We create space for kids to explore and ask big questions.
  • We include all kids and we stress “team” over self.
  • We let kids compete – many times losing teaches what success cannot.
  • While keeping our tradition intact, we constantly improve the Huawni experience to prioritize a safe and wholesome environment.
  • We believe in unstructured play not overly scheduling.
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