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Our Team

We have a professional team with a variety of youth development experience. We are enthusiastic about fostering an environment of growth for your child this coming summer. Meet our team!

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TJ Nicholson

With more than 20 years of specialized experience in overnight camping, TJ is a veteran at making Huawni a safe and fun second home for kids. He has also served as director of the Institute of Wilderness Studies, where he worked with raptors, snakes, a sloth and sting rays! He and his wife Amanda share deep roots in East Texas, having grown up in Hallsville and Nacogdoches. Today, they lead camp with their three children: Jace, Adley, and Crew. It’s their desire for parents to know their child matters and also that their child knows they matter.

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Natalie Stillwaugh

Natalie, her husband Joshua and daughter Juniper live in Tyler. They were all born in California and have been in Texas since 2014. She loves to gather with friends and family and share meals and conversations. Having people in their home really fills them UP! She also enjoy being outdoors, hiking and bike riding with the family.

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Lainey Buchanan

Lainey, along with her husband Davis, both have a decade of camp experience in a variety of different roles from summer camp to outdoor education. They met working as summer camp counselors in 2013! Lainey most recently worked for the Institute of Wilderness Studies. Coming onto Huawni staff as TJ’s Executive Administrator, Lainey is passionate about providing administrative support in order to free those around her up to do what they do best. Outside of camp, Lainey is a big-time morning person, avid reader, and someone that is her best self when she’s meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for her friends and family. Davis is a board game hobbyist, loves the Georgia Bulldogs, and is usually the funniest guy in the room. Lainey is excited to continue serving in the camping world as a part of the unique Huawni family, and she can’t wait to experience all the magic that comes with that!

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Drake O’Bryant

Drake and his wife Brooke have been working in summer camping since 2014, and have served in a variety of roles. They met while working at an outdoor education program called the Institute of Wilderness Studies. Drake enjoys hiking, coffee, Alabama football and has a “The Office” quote for every occasion. Brooke is a big reader, has traveled to 5 continents, loves the color yellow and hasn’t met a potato she hasn’t liked. They have two beautiful daughter. As Campus Director, Drake is passionate about making camp safe and fun for everyone, while keeping the traditions of Camp Huawni alive and well.

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Andrew Glover

Hailing from Tyler, Texas, Andrew and his wife Gracie enjoys going to the beach, hiking, reading, and anything that has to do with competition. He’s a big fan of Marvel, Disney+, and “Wicked Tuna”, and he considers himself a sneakerhead. Andrew has worked in summer camping for three years - two as a counselor and one as a senior counselor on the leadership team. As Men’s Director at Camp Huawni, Andrew looks forward to leading and supporting our summer staff.

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Mackenzie Mazerolle

Mackenzie graduated college at Texas State University where she studied health sciences. Mackenzie is recently engaged to her fiancee Brent and will get married this spring! She is passionate about all things movies and sports, especially Marvel and the Dallas Mavericks. She would consider herself a “Dancing with the Stars” and shark enthusiast, and she loves to bake! Mackenzie has worked in the camp industry and she has done a variety of different jobs from working on the health side to the program side of camp. She is so excited to step into the role as Women’s Director, serving and caring for our girls’ camp. She can’t wait to walk alongside our staffers and campers this summer and learn the Huawni ways and traditions!

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Ms. Ada Earl

Ms. Ada has been serving her famous fried chicken for over 30 summers at Camp Huawni. Ms. Ada makes sure that your camper is happy, healthy, and never leaves the dining hall hungry. Ms. Ada is a great dancer, loves to laugh, and constantly embodies love at Camp.

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Travis & Mandi Adams

Travis grew up at Camp Huawni and has worked in every role from groundskeeper to director. He met Mandi in Austin in 2011, and together they decided to continue the Huawni legacy so that the next generation of kids can experience the magic of camp. Travis and Mandi currently live in Tyler, Texas with their four kids – Barrett, John Brooks, Westley and Lula – where Travis works as the Owner of Camp Huawni and Grow My Camp while Mandi works as a professional counselor. They believe in hiring fun, caring, and mature staff that are the kind of role models they want for their own kids. They are also deeply passionate about protecting the traditions and the vision of Huawni being a second home for all campers.