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Camp Food Has Never Been So Fun

What makes our camp food so great is our special seasoning: FUN! That’s right, you now have permission to talk as loud as you want, get as many second servings as your heart desires, and even dance on the tables! Summer meals take on a whole new meaning once you get to jump in the middle of traditions like Code White (a famous and spontaneous partner dance down an aisle of people), The Dark Side (where we clap in unison while playing drums on your table), and Camper of the Day (an award that recognizes campers for doing something extraordinary)!

Served With Love

In addition to fun, our food is really good. That’s because it’s all prepared by Miss Ada, our camp chef extraordinaire. Her famous Fried Chicken, served on the first night of Camp, is just one of the summer meals you’ll soon be raving about. Miss Ada’s food is so good that you’ll soon find yourself eating food that you normally don’t eat because it’s so darn good. Other than your main course, there are so many choices; fresh fruits, vegetables, turkey and cheese sandwiches, and other healthy snacks for kids like you are always there if you want them.

Why Parents Love Our Summer Meals & Healthy Snacks For Kids

Parents, we believe that camp food is critical to your child’s day. A great breakfast can put your child in a fantastic mood; a not so good meal…not so much. So - food is very important. That’s why our recipe for great camp food is as follows:

| 4 Servings Per Day | Breakfast, Lunch, Lemonade Break, Dinner

| 3 Cups of Healthy Snacks For Kids | Fresh fruits and vegetables at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

| Unlimited Hydration | Water is served at every meal, and we incentivize your kids to drink it too!

| 1 Bucket of Fun | Letting kids be themselves at summer meals unleashes your child’s inner spirit.

| 3 Dashes of Energy | Each meal is strategically planned for an ample amount of energy.

| 1 Turkey and Cheese Sandwich | Fresh sandwiches are available at lunch and dinner.

| 1 Big Old Gallon of Love | Ms. Ada will serve love to your child by the spoonful, making sure your child gets the energy they need!

Special Food Needs?

Parents, don’t worry, as we do our best to accommodate food allegies that your child might have. We have a gluten-free, vegetarian, & some vegan options. If you have a special food need just email us so that we can put a plan together for your summer meals!

Email Us for Special Food Needs

Okay, you get it already…the food is great and you’re kind of excited about healthy snacks for kids like yourself. But what if have a birthday at Camp Huawni or recieve mail?