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Camp Huawni has over 50 summer fun activities - really! The Huawni daily schedule is like your grandma’s secret recipe– it has been carefully knit together over the past 50 years to make your day a ridiculously fun one. Campers, you’ll get to dive into 6 daily activities per day - 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon - not to mention all the special activities we have planned throughout the session.
One key ingredient is that every daily activity happens outdoors. Yes, we’re an outdoor camp by design. Because we excel in sporting our outdoor camp personality, we are finding that kiddos are now rediscovering, in a sense, how to play outside. The cool thing is… kids are embracing it beyond their time at camp!

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An all-time favorite at Camp every summer! After all, who can compete with flying high and getting soaked?!

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The Giant Water Slide

Race like a bobsledder and be launched into the Critter Pond!

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High Ropes

Harness up & head on up our 20 foot high ropes course! You get to see all of camp from high up.

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Waterfront at Huawni Pond

Our campers love to paddle board, canoe, and kayak on our very own private lake! H-Pond is also home to our brand, multi-tier inflatables!

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Giant Swing

Located at the end of our High Ropes Course, the Giant Swing is the perfect chance to go to great heights with your camp friends!

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Trolley / Zipline

Soar down the Trolley, our 200 foot zip line that ends in the water!

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Learn to arch like Robin Hood on our renovated, 14 target archery course.

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Mountain Bikes

Wind in your hair & the sun shining on your face, you’ll get to cruise around Camp or through our new biking trails in the Piney Woods!

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It’s the coolest spot at camp! Play some water basketball, do some cool tricks of the diving board, or just relax with your cabin- the pool is an all-time favorite!

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Sand Volleyball

Learn or excel….campers at Huawni crave volleyball. We’re famous for our after supper pickup games.

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Hot Shot Basketball

How many points can you score in one minute? Light up the court with your skills

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Frisbee Golf

With our newly updated Frisbee Golf course, you’ll get to compete against your cabin as your frisbee flies across Main Camp.

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Gaga Ball

Is there any feeling better than becoming the Gaga Ball champ? After 2 weeks of practice, you’ll become a pro!