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Cabin Life

Ever see the movie The Parent Trap? Cabin life at Huawni is like living in your very own Parent Trap cabin, where you get to do all sorts of stuff you can’t do at home…like writing your name on the wall! You’ll get to experience the joys of sleepaway camp as the crickets and frogs sing you to sleep each night. If you live in the city, you’re going to especially love our summer camp cabins because you can see the stars right outside your window, brighter and bigger than ever before.

Open Air Cabins = Unplugging & Collaborating

So why stay in an open-air cabin for two, four, or six weeks with 8-12 other kids? Believe it or not, the cabin experience promotes several critical skills that children so desperately need. The “Partnership for 21st Century Skills” recently found that the three most critical skills for children include oral communication, collaboration, and creativity, all of which are amplified in the cabin. Living in a cabin with other children, some not of your child’s choosing, promotes 24/7, face-to-face interaction and opportunities for collaboration. A good friend and summer camp advocate Steve Baskin hits the nail on the head with this TEDx talk.

Unplugging Our Kids: Steve Baskin at TEDxSanAntonio

Cabin Traditions & Bucket List - Why You’ll Never Want To Miss Another Summer

Every cabin tradition is extra special at Camp Huawni. This is the one, big, sleepaway camp event that only your cabin gets to participate in during camp. Every year that you come back and move into an older cabin, you get to do a new cabin tradition. Cabin traditions for girls include The Princess Ball, Movie Night at the Pool, Destination Sing Song, and Star Tripping. Cabin traditions for boys include Mission Impossible, Night Scavenger Hunt, Night Hike, and The Ultimate Pillow Fight.