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Have you ever thrown together a highlight video from your summer at Camp Huawni? Well- now you have the opportunity to do so AND enter it to win $100 cash. We want you – Campers of Camp Huawni – to create a short film (no longer than 3 minutes) and share with everyone what Camp Huawni means to you.

Keep an eye out for a Huawni’s Film Festival Party near your hometown. Camp Counselors will be there to support and hang out with you and other Campers, as well as playing some games, and watching the videos submitted. And then YOU get to vote on who the winner is. How cool is that?! Each party will have a winner (who receives a prize), and that camper’s video will go on to be submitted and voted on for the Grand Prize – $100 cash!

Invite your friends to come see the debut of your film and share the Huawni Magic and meet some of your favorite counselors!

More information will be sent to you in the next few weeks on when the Festival will be traveling to your hometown.

If you have any questions, please contact us at .

Travis, Camp Huawni Director

Huawni Film Festival Rules
* Must not be longer than 3 minutes
8 You get extra points for using any of the following messages as your theme:

  • Where The Fun Never Sets
  • Huawni: My Second Home
  • I found my best friends at Camp Huawni
  • Catch the Huawni Magic

* You get extra points for using the following fonts for any text in your movie:

  • Du Bellay
  • Arial
  • Logger

* Be sure and burn onto a DVD
* Try and arrive early to let directors prep and review your film before your showing