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Football. Hot dogs. Friends. It all added up to a good ol’ fashion tailgate. And that’s where Huawni was this past Friday night – at the Aledo High School Football game against Southwest.

While our first winter cold front was pushing through the countryside, it didn’t stop us (Travis, Pam, Caleb, & myself) from setting up our tent to hand out some delicious hot dogs and chips. Even better, the weather didn’t keep the kids and parents away from coming to meet us and learn more about Huawni and what makes it so special. As I bundled myself up for the night, I was introduced to some pretty cool kids. Robert, and his friend Hannah, reminisced over their younger days and the time they spent at camp. It was a lot of fun to share our own summer camp memories with them (the Critter, Talent Show night, and Cook-out with Storytelling). And in the end – I think we have some new Huawni family members coming to Huawni 2013.

From tossing a football around to showing off Halloween costumes, it was great meeting new friends and reuniting with old ones. Overall, the night was a hit! And who knows…you just might see us in your home town next…