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The pool (a.k.a. Riviera) just got a new facelift! Just this past week we put a new cover on the Riviera, and boy is she happy. This is newest pool renovation since 2005, when the Alumni Association re-bricked and re-plastered this favorite spot at Camp.

When Daddy Earl started Camp in 1965, one of the original structures was the swimming pool. Over the last 48 years the Riviera has become a centerpiece to so much of the Huawni experience. Sing Songs are held on the pool deck, Minnow Chase obviously is in the pool, and the famous Intertube Relay during Tribal Competition is held here as well. Maybe the most memorable event at the pool occurs when uncle Pat “the Rat” Adams does his annual gainer. He’s 65 and still making it happen!

p.s. – the pool says hello and that she can’t wait for warmer water come June!