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What are you most thankful for during this Thanksgiving Week? At Camp Huawni, we have been blessed with so much. Here’s a few big ones.

1. Our Camp Families

Our kids camp would simply not exist if it were not for our wonderful camp families. Campers – you guys and gals are amazing young people with a heart of gold. We love seeing you grow literally in front of our eyes each summer. Parents – you sacrifice so much monetarily every year to make sure your child gets to catch the Huawni Magic. Thank you for all of it; it’s an honor loving your kids.

2. Our Year-Round Staff

We have the most hard-working, joyful, and selfless year-round team this side of Shelby County. Without Vera , our bookkeeper, my life would be chaotic and so much wouldn’t get done. Without Bob, our cabin expert, Honeysuckle Hollow wouldn’t be getting a facelift. Without Big Matt, our grounds QB, boys camp wouldn’t have a new bathhouse dig come next summer. Without Uncle Pat, the camp pool wouldn’t have a nice, new cover. Without Ashley, our administrative guru, things wouldn’t get done, most notably the new website! Without Caleb, we wouldn’t have the most amazing kids camp counseling staff. Without Pam, the camp mom and director, we wouldn’t get to come see all of our campers come January-March for camp parties. Simply put, we are thankful for our excellent team!

3. Our Beautiful Campus

We are thankful for the setting that is Camp Huawni. The view from Flag Pole Hill is majestic at sunrise. A walk down the Camp Road at dusk, amongst rows and rows of pine trees standing guard, is a delight. Some would argue, myself included, that the Pineywoods, where we call our second home, is the most beautiful place on earth and the perfect setting for a kids camp.

4. Our Lineage Of Extraordinary Directors

Camp Huawni has been blessed with an all-star lineup of directors over the years. We have the honor of standing on the shoulders of giants like Mike and Pat Adams, Gary Patterson, David McGinnis, Fred Jackson, Chris Watlington, Rob Payne, Chase Palmer, Matt & Kara Gregory, and Andrew Clendenen. Camp Huawni is a better place because of these extraordinary leaders.

In fact, we got a letter this week from Ken Hall, who shared his thankfulness for his directors, Mike & Pat.

Pat and Mike were loved and respected by all Huawni campers. Later in life, I joined the Boy Scouts and later attended Steven F. Austin located just down the road from Timpson. I have always said that Camp Huawni was one of the best parts of my childhood. I never realized the time and skill Pat and Mike must have used to make sure all campers felt so special to be a part of Camp Huawni. I have always attributed the ability to mesh well with others to my youthful experiences at Camp Huawni in Timpson. My work over the years has required me to travel throughout North America and Europe; thanks to my Huawni encounters, I never met a stranger. I am a better person thanks to Camp Huawni and the Adams brothers. Camp Huawni is my second home. Thanks so very much. -Ken

5. Our Counselors

Counselors, you guys and gals are the most incredible group of young people I know. You’re authentic, curious, courageous, coachable, so much fun, and you sacrifice so much to live a life of love to your campers. There’s a reason only 7 out of 100 new applicants ever make it on staff; it’s because you’re the very best and you come back to camp as long as possible to carry out our mission of LTK (love the kids). We love you and are so thankful for what you do every summer. We can’t tell you enough times.

So wherever you are, Happy Thanksgiving! Your Second Home is awaitin’ for ya as the pine needles here at camp stay green.