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Happy 2013 Camp Huawni!

A summer camp for girls and boys going on 49 years

It’s hard to believe that we will soon be celebrating our 49th summer of Camp Huawni. Thinking about the new year made me think about a specific word in the Camp Huawni Song, which was written by my father, Mike Adams, down in the old infirmary back in the 1970’s.

Does the Camp Song say “freshening” or “freshnin”?

This summer Mike confirmed that the correct word in the song is in fact “freshnin”, not “freshening”, as many of us sometimes use. Oddly enough, both words coincide with the beginning of a new year and both have similar meanings.

Freshnin’, as defined by Poor Mike’s Almanac, was, and likely still is, a term used by East Texans to describe a cow who is about to give birth to a calf. Essentially, “freshnin” is a term for birth or rebirth.

Freshen, the root word of freshening, means to make fresh, refresh, revive, or renew. The nautical term refers to preserving (a rope in use) from prolonged friction or concentrated stress on any one part. It can also mean to become or grow fresh, or to give birth.

I was particularly struck by the nautical term reference as it pertains to the Camp Huawni experience. Many of us who have experienced Huawni describe it as a place where time stops, worries disappear, and where there’s zero stress. Whether he knew it or not, looks like Mr. Mike picked the perfect term to describe our summer camp for girls and boys.

What will you renew or refresh this year?

The new year is a great opportunity to renew yourself in some form or fashion. To do this, it takes sitting down, alone, in a quiet place and really thinking about what’s important in your life. Who, at the core, are you as a person? Who were you made to be? What were you made to do in 2013? Wrestling with these questions are so very valuable to your growing up, however old or young the kid inside you might be. Two of my favorite books that help facilitate these questions include Wild at Heart for guys and Captivating for girls. If you take just a little time out to ask these questions, I’m sure you’ll be a freshnin’ in 2013, even away from Camp.

Trivia & Prize

To kick off 2013, we thought we’d do a little Camp Huawni Trivia. Whoever gets the most answers correct and posts them first on this blog in the “What are you gonna say?” section below will win a new Camp Huawni water bottle.

These little cantinas are a hit at our summer camp for girls and boys

Good luck, many blessings, and happy new year!

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1. What was the first cabin built at Camp Huawni?

2. What’s the name of the new camp tradition that happens at the Critter Pond?

3. In what year did Huawni become a summer camp for girls?

4. How many archery lanes exist on the new and improved archery range?

5. What is the original nickname of the Critter Pond?

6. Where was the first Miss Pinson Creek held?

7. What Camp Huawni alumnus starred in the recent movie Bernie?