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It is our pleasure to welcome back Miss Lindsey Gabel to our 2013 directing staff! Lindsey may be one of the most hardworking, servant-hearted leaders at Camp Huawni, and I caught up with her this week.

Travis Earl Adams (TEA): What are you most looking forward to in 2013 at Huawni?

Lindsey Gabel (LG): I am most looking forward to getting to see all of the campers from last year, as well as meeting all of the new campers and helping make this the best summer at Huawni yet!

TEA: Where are you right now and what are you doing?

LG: Right now I am at my house in College Station. I just finished with finals and am going to be heading home to see my family for Christmas break soon!

TEA: What’s your favorite memory from 2012?

LG: Celebration second and third session! It can’t get any better than Christmas in July!

TEA: What’s your favorite camp tradition?

LG: My favorite camp tradition is summer tree. It is a great opportunity for campers and counselors to talk about their summer and verbally express their love for one another.

TEA: What did you do this semester that reminded you of Camp?

LG: This semester I was an intern in a seventh grade for a social studies class. Having the opportunity to hang out with all of my students reminded me of hanging out with campers at activities! It was so fun teaching Texas history this semester and was a lot like teaching campers different skills at their activities!

TEA: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get to Camp?

LG: Cry tears of joy…or go play in the critter pond!

It’s a blessing to have Lindsey back on our team again this summer. Gabel – you’re an integral part of what makes Camp Huawni special and we’re dying to see you on our Hello Sheet come June!