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Last night was my first Texas Traditional Camp Party/Huawni Film Festival hosted by the wonderful Wiley Family, and can I just say, “WOW!!!” Reconnecting with Harper Wiley, the Mayfields, and other campers that I first met a couple of months ago at the Fort Worth Huawni Circles Party. Getting another glimpse of summer camp at Huawni was such a blessing, it made me realize how much I missed out on this Camp experience as a child. Angus Pebworth, Phoebe Moyer, Kalli Goodrich, and Alex Perez kept the party in action with their help in Soccer Kick Around the Playhouse. It was great to see families at the Wiley’s house who been coming to Huawni since they were 6 years old, and now they send their own children on to Camp. Hearing childhood camp memories shared by Cristy Cox Mayfield and Holly Hill Wiley gave me the image of a simple place where you can be care-free and meet friends that will last a lifetime. Even though this upcoming summer will be my first East Texas Camp experience, something tells me my life is going to be changed forever.

It was a great night for something we all love at CH – being outdoors!

What’s one memory you love to share with your friends about Camp Huawni?

Thank you for a great night, Huawni!
Ashley Hamilton, CH Administrative Assistant