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Turn on the spotlights – roll out the red carpet – the stars gathered at The Huawni Film Festival in Henderson on last Tuesday night. It might as well have been a summer camp in East Texas, as twenty or so Huawnians and future Huawnians assembled in the yard of the Adams home for a rollicking “kick ball around the pool.” Carter Pace and Taylor Corley captained their teams to a close finish (incidentally, Karyn Hill – Sterling’s mom – was the pool.) Then the excited bunch went to the TV room and cheered the first film entry “KIT” produced, directed, and starred in by Hannah Howard. The second film “BELIEVE” featured Addison Stanley, Milee Green, Addison Northcutt, Addie Hampton, and Ava Rockey – it too was a HIT! And guess what – there will be coming a third film from the Henderson group – producing the yet to be released blockbuster are Addy Thrasher, Alyssa Pinnell and Kenlee Courtney. All that they would say is, “We have a great idea! You will like it!.” We cannot wait.

The kitchen was filled with Valentine cookies, popcorn, and cold drinks – just ask Marin Love – she LOVED the Valentine cookies. Winning the prize for bringing the most friends to the party was Ava Rockey. Way to go – Ava!

And now you are wondering about the title of the article – right? Well, Addison Stanley just happened to mention that her Dad recently told her that he was the WINNER OF THE MISS PINSON CREEK CONTEST when he was a counselor at Camp Huawni. Yes, and he has pictures to prove. So the next time that you see Phil Stanley, ask him how he looks in a girls two-piece bathing suit. Beautiful!!!!

Here at the Adams House, we love you and we can’t wait to spend the summer with you!

Mike Adams, Camp Huawni Director