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A little girl in an Austin elementary school wore her James Avery “Log H” jewelry to school every day. The teacher kept thinking, “That really looks like a Log H, surely it can’t be.” You see, the teacher had experienced the Huawni Magic years ago, and she really hadn’t heard much about Camp since her younger years. One day she finally asked the little girl, “Is that a Log H?” The little girl smiled wide, and said, “Of course!” Immediately the teacher began to sing the Camp Song, and soon they were singing it together. A connection far beyond normal friendships was had in that instance.

So who was the teacher? Maddy McCutchin’s aunt. Who was the student? We believe it was Annalise West, former Camp Huawni Camper. What does that have to do with the Austin Camp Party/Film Festival? Last Wednesday night Brent, Tina, and Maddy McCutchin hosted the Austin Camp Party/Film Festival. Brent grew up going to Camp Huawni with a big group of kids from Lubbock. Thanks to Brent’s sister, she told him that Huawni was still alive and well, thus prompting him to send his daughter Maddy ASAP.

This will be Maddy’s second summer, and she is oh so excited to come back! She will be bringing her guitar and hopes to be picking to Bobby McGee by end of summer. The Austin Camp Party/Film Festival was kind of like going to Cambodia (at Camp there’s a forest of bamboo that’s hidden…only a select few know the secret spot!) and having a Camp Party in a tree house- the McCutchin’s backyard was this huge deck. There were many “tenured” bamboo alumnus there- like Marla Camp, who has already signed up her daughter Gracelyn. Marla shared how special Camp Huawni was to her as she shared about her life-long friend Bonnie Buckner from Dalhart. Amber Martin drove all the way up from San Antonio with her mom and friend, Carolina, and entered her film “Adventure” where she interviewed her friend, Carolina, about what to expects as a camper this summer. Other new faces peaked into our little Cambodia party as well. The Moffitt Family, who received a Camp Huawni DVD randomly one day at Starbucks near Casis Elementary from Travis, came to join the party with their four kids, Micah, Bonneau, & Myles. The Moffitt Kiddo’s have been kicking and shouting to come to Camp Huawni ever since the spring of 2011.

It’s hard to believe that all this fun in Austin on Wednesday night was due to a small encounter with a teacher, a log H, and a smiling camper.

inwauh, Travis