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Hey Campers and Friends!

Caleb and I here in at our office in Fort Worth, and throughout the week we love to re-watch the videos submitted for the Huawni Film Festival. After coming across one video today, this question was brought up: Do you remember your first year at Camp? Do you recall the Huawni magic you first experienced, and how the spirit and love of Camp never left? Logan captures these memories in his video, “An Unforgettable Huawni Experience,” which is a video time capsule of his first summer camp experience. Check it out below and reminisce over your first summer when you caught that special magic.

[youtube TLlNxoD8buQ&context=C44c6e22ADvjVQa1PpcFMBmJ1_qsU8VbX7vgA9m-1xwuQ4S-diGs8= Camp Huawni Summer Camp]

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Huawni Film Festival Tallied Votes:

An Unforgettable Huawni Summer – 1
Believe – 3
Camp Huawni: the Adventure – 10
The Rappin’ Styles of Camp Huawni – 13
Wagon Wheel, an Everlasting Tradition – 0
Where the Fun Never Sets by Hannah – 2
Zoe & Camp Huawni, Her Second Home – 1

Ashley, Camp Administrative Assistant