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Here are the tallied votes so far:
The Rappin’ Styles of Camp Huawni by the Henderson Crew – 15
Camp Huawni: the Adventure by Amber – 12
Believe by Addie, Addison, & Milee – 3
An Unforgettable Huawni Summer by Logan – 2
Where the Fun Never Sets by Hannah – 2
Wagon Wheel, an Everlasting Tradition by Ali and Hayner – 1
Zoe & Camp Huawni, Her Second Home – 1

Have you ever realized that some of the best ways to express how you feel is through music? The Henderson Crew (Alyssa, Addison, Grace, Ava, Addison, Addie, Milee, Kenlee,& Carlie) can relate to this. Not only did they come up with a rap song of their love for their favorite East Texas summer camp, Camp Huawni, they also recorded it to share with their Huawni family and friends. Check out their video below, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll seem them on the big stage! And don’t forget – only 3 days left before the big winner is announced! Tell your friends and family to vote for your favorite Huawni video on Facebook”> or YouTube.

If you could make a rap video about Huawni, what would you say?

Ashley, Camp Administrative Assistant