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Huawni Film Festival Votes:

The Rappin’ Styles of Camp Huawni by the Henderson Crew – 15
Camp Huawni: the Adventure by Amber – 12
Believe by Addie, Addison, & Milee - 3
An Unforgettable Huawni Summer by Logan – 2
Where the Fun Never Sets by Hannah – 2
Wagon Wheel, an Everlasting Tradition by Ali and Hayner – 1
Zoe & Camp Huawni, Her Second Home – 1

Zoe from Marshall, Texas is one our many campers who embraces her summer days and nights with fun-filled activities. But for many of us, we don’t give ourselves this opportunity. Have you ever thought to yourself, “man, where has the time gone?” I have for sure. And the older I get, the more this thought occurs to me. Somewhere in the last few years our culture developed the concept that we must pack in the hours and days with as much as possible. It can be exhausting, and honestly, it can deprive us of finding who we really are. But when summer hits, Huawni campers rejoice in returning to their Second Home and living out their summer in a carefree manner where they can just be themselves. Zoe shares her story of how this East Texas summer camp holds a special place in her heart.

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Ashley, Camp Administrative Assistant