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As of March 27th, here are the tallied votes for the Huawni Film Festival:

An Unforgettable Huawni Summer by Logan – 2
Believe by Addie, Addison, & Milee - 3
Camp Huawni: the Adventure by Amber – 12
The Rappin’ Styles of Camp Huawni by the Henderson Crew – 15
Wagon Wheel, an Everlasting Tradition by Ali and Hayner – 1
Where the Fun Never Sets by Hannah – 2
Zoe & Camp Huawni, Her Second Home – 1

Have you ever been on an adventure that has changed your life? For Amber and her fellow Huawni Family, this is happens every year. When you experience Camp Huawni, you experience more than just a summer camp. Huawni is a magical place for our campers and families (and for our Alumni as well!), and Amber weaves a story for us on why it’s so special to her. Catch a peek at her video below, and don’t forget to vote! Deadline for the Huawni Film Festival is March 31. Visit Facebook and/or YouTube to cast your vote by liking your favorite video. But don’t wait – you only have a couple of days to get your vote in.

Ashley Hamilton, Camp Administrative Assistant