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There are few traditions cherished more here at Camp Huawni than Cookout night. All of camp gathers together for a tasty cookout, where counselors serve their campers hot dogs and we eat picnic style on the front yard. After dinner we hear stories told by Mr. Adams and have a tractor ride to search for Huawni’s elusive but friendly resident, the Wild Woman! The cookout is always a camper favorite, and that’s no surprise. Campers and counselors have sat on camp’s front lawn listening to the stories of Huawni for 48 summers, first told by camp’s founder, Daddy Earl, and now by his son Mr. Mike Adams. I can’t speak for the rest of camp, but my cabin of Sun Down girls has been planning their outfits for tonight since Monday, and they are all excited for the fun we know we will have tonight!

After we hear the stories of Huawni we will all climb onto the trailers and ride through our corner of the piney woods hoping to catch a glimpse of the Wild Woman. Although she remains mostly unseen throughout the year, we always seem to cross paths with her on our trailer rides! Legend has it she can run 90 miles an hour and chases bumblebees, but we all know she’s kind and she wouldn’t hurt a flea. So wish us luck tonight as we embark on our hunt- may we encounter the wild woman and make some happy memories on the way!


Alex Lange