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Tribal Competition is one of the cornerstones of our two-week summer camp sessions- many campers come to a two-week session just so they can be part in one of the most meaningful traditions at Huawni. This summer is extra special because campers embarked on a new chapter in Huawni Tribal Competition history. As of Thursday evening, campers and counselors joined one of two tribes- The Tejas and Caddo tribes of Tribal Competition.

From this summer forward, campers and counselors will forever remain a member of either the Blue Tejas or the Red Caddo. In previous summers, teams changed each session. This summer, the Tribal Competition roots will begin to grow ever so deeper as campers get to stay with their tribe summer after summer. This gives the tribe members an opportunity to become close as a team and look forward to reuniting with their teammates year after year. With only two teams, the competition is more intense, the victories more rewarding, and the bonds made during the competition even more memorable.

The teams have been chosen, the war cries have been heard, and the first Tribal Competition of the 2012 summer has begun! I wish all of the competitors (but especially my team, the Tejas) good luck, and may the odds be ever in their favor!

Inwauh as always,

Alex Lange

P.S. Tribal Competition team rosters will be posted on CampMinder, so be sure to take a look!