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Playday, Uprising, AND the Fourth of July all in one day… it’s a busy day at Camp Huawni! Campers woke up expecting a patriotic flag raising, but instead found themselves being thrown into the pool to the tune of Chicken Train! Very few campers made it to breakfast still dry, but everyone came ready to hear what Playday and Uprising teams they were on! The girls divided up into four America-themed teams, while the boys split into two equally patriotic counterparts. The boys went off to Uprising, and after a fierce battle the Blue Abraham Lincolns beat the Red George Washingtons team with a score of 1,000,002 to 2. This might sound like a terrible defeat, but the teams were tied 2-2 and had a tiebreaker game worth one million points!

Girls camp had an equally exiting morning with the “Red Lee’s” winning the title of Playday champions! It was a morning full of pies in eyes, eggs tossed everywhere, and of course the minnow swim. Camper of the day Miss Meg Harris caught a record smashing ELEVEN MINNOWS for her team! But of course we can’t forget to mention the camper’s favorite game, Ice Water on the Counselor’s Backs… Gavin Giosa was the lucky counselor to have an entire horse trough of ice water poured on him for the grand finale!

Things are calming down a little this afternoon after the festivities of the morning, but the excitement is sure to pick up again tonight for our Fourth of July cookout and fireworks! One of the best parts of Session 3 is our special Independence Day cookout on flagpole hill. Campers get to eat, hang out, and later have the perfect spot to watch fireworks fly from the bottom below. It is always a memorable evening, and we can’t wait to share it with our campers tonight!

Happy Forth of July, and as always, Inwauh!

Alex Lange