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Today is the last first day of summer camp activities at Huawni… a bittersweet moment for everyone here! Camp is full of energy as kids and counselors alike are excited to get out and get involved, no matter what the activity! Although this is day 39 of Huawni for our counselors, starting activities again with a new group of awesome kids makes it seem like the first day of the summer all over again.

We are all so happy to have the fourth session kids here, but it is terrifying to think that a week from now we will all be back home sleeping in our own beds, experiencing that crazy newfangled invention called air conditioning. With only a few days left, it’s high time to make every second here count, and we plan on doing that! One week sessions are action packed from start to finish, and this week will be no exception to that. Tonight we have fishing at the Initiation Pond followed by S’mores and Chubby Bunny (if you don’t know what that is, ask your camper when they get home… I promise the explanation will be entertaining!). Fishing is always the perfect opportunity for campers and counselors to cast out a cane pole and spend quality time together while they wait on a huge bass (or maybe just a tiny perch) to swim their way.

I can’t wait until fishing tonight, but I also can’t wait to see how this week unfolds and watch the Huawni magic work on all of these campers. Fasten your seat belts, because this week is going to be a crazy fun ride!


Alex Lange