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Tonight is the cookout here at Huawni, and no cookout would be complete without the Wild Woman hunt! Some people are afraid of the Wild Woman, but they have no reason to be! While she does live a life we are quite unaccustomed to, she just likes to have fun in her own special way. Phoebe Moyer and I took time today to go have tea with the Wild Woman, and we learned a lot about what she’s been up to lately! So in honor of our hunt tonight, here is a list of fun facts we learned about the lady of the woods and how she keeps herself busy while we are here playing at camp…

*After finding Travis and Caleb’s stash of workout VHS tapes in the main cabin, she has been diligently working on her core strength and cardio endurance. She thinks it is very important to lead a good chase tonight on the hunt and doesn’t want to be out of shape!
*When camp is out, she along with the woodland creatures of Huawni throw their own Celebration in the dining hall.
*Her favorite snack is a nice fresh juicy marshmallow from the marshmallow vines found behind the Initiation Pond.
*She has a crush on the Phantom… shh don’t tell!
*In the fall she hosts a synchronized swimming invitational in the Initiation Pond. The beavers have won the last few years, but the frogs are rumored to have a solid routine to show off this year…

We hope that we have shed some light on the real Wild Woman for you with these fun little facts. She is quite the woman, and Phoebe and I can’t wait to go see her tonight in the woods along with the rest of camp!

Love and Inwauh,

Alex and Phoebe (coming atcha live from the office at camp!)