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My Family Camp Story

Family: The Zack Family
Hometown: Frisco, TX
Yrs at Family Camp: 1

Before Family Camp

We wanted to come to family camp to simply check it out, make sure it was safe and secure, and verify that the counselors were nice and responsible before sending Kelly to overnight summer camp. Camp Huawni was recommended to us by Lauren Liles, a former counselor and now parent of a camper. We had visited the website. With Lauren’s recommendation we knew Camp Huawni’s kids camp was going to be great, but as parents we wanted to see for ourselves. We were all just looking at the website and Kelly said, “I can’t wait to go, I want to stay the whole summer!”

Our Family Camp Experience

I did not know what to expect…to tell the truth I found it a little more rustic than I thought, but hey, for 48 hours you can do anything! And 48 hours of rustic was worth seeing the excitement Kelly had about cane pole fishing, hiking, watermelon fights, and riding on the back of a big tractor and trailer. I enjoyed the storytelling and the Little Red Church, which is my favorite church in the whole world. By Saturday evening, I should have gone up on the porch, socialized, and rocked in the chairs, but I was so tired from all the fun! I look forward to doing that this year! My favorite part was that the area was just so open, and I just wanted to run across that field! I loved that there was no technology, nothing to overstimulate us. This was the perfect experience before Kelly went to stay at Huawni in their regular kids camp sessions.

After Family Camp

Camp Huawni is very special to my family because we feel our entire camp experience with family camp and Kelly attending 3 weeks of overnight summer camp helped our family turn a corner. We turned a corner in a journey of living with Ray being post-stroke with a severe speech disability. Now I have to say that our overall benefit of family camp was that Ray and I had time together and Kelly was able to go out on her own and make some fabulous friends and mentors.

Why I Recommend Family Camp!

Part of the reason to attend family camp again is the warm, happy, make you smile feelings we get just thinking about Camp Huawni. I know this year, Kelly will probably play counselor to her father and I and guide us around telling us how and what to do. I have to say that the people play a big part of these feelings as well; the Adams family make you feel like you are part of their family. The counselors are some of the most polite, genuine people I have met. There is just an overall feeling of serenity here. For families looking for a camp, you can’t beat the warmth and serenity of Camp Huawni to connect with your spouse, child, and other families. I say this with the sincerest heart!

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