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Rain never stops the fun we have at Camp Huawni, and neither did it stop us on Thursday night in Texarkana. The Taylor family hosted a lively party, as we got a good look at a bunch of future campers.

Caleb rounds up the campers as they discus what games they can play at camp while it’s raining.

Graham “G-Man” Andrus won the hide-and-seek game. Mia, Molly’s middle daughter, displayed her talent of high energy; she’ll be a shoe in for Huawni here in a few years. The kiddos requested Salty Dog, and even Buzz Light Year made an appearance!

Graham was the winner of our camp party game - hide and seek. He hid below Molly’s desk…nice move!

Thank you to the Taylor family for hosting such a memorable party! You are what makes Huawni special.

Monday we’ll be headed to Humble for our next Camp Outing!! Also, be sure and make it to a party near you so that you can enter the Social Media Derby!

Here’s the full Camp Party Schedule just in case you need it: Camp Party Schedule

Josh with his son Graham, a spitting image of Josh!

Huawni Legacy kiddos Mia, Paige, and Graham

The pine cones made Trav’s Martin guitar feel right at home. It played Salty Dog and the kids’ howls rang out.