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Merry Christmas Camp Huawni!

As we celebrate Christmas today, there’s much to be grateful for and to reflect upon. One question I’ve asked during this Christmas season is “How does Christmas relate to Camp?” The first thought that came to mind was love. At Camp, our mission is to love the kids, or “LTK”. Our staff is preparing, even now, to make sure kids experience real love this coming summer.

So what is real love? Real love, in a sense, is what we celebrate at Christmas. Real love was what Jesus did, as God in flesh. He was born, lived and died because he first loved us. He just loved us. Jesus showed us what real love is— giving up oneself, as a sacrifice, for others. What a great model for us to follow.

So Merry Christmas. May love overflow in your family today. We look forward to it overflowing once again as we get ready for the summer.