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Congratulations to Elizabeth Anne Palmer (241 pts), Grace Stark (412 pts) and Ellory Liles (44 pts) for winning the Marshall, Longview, and Frisco Social Media Derby competition!!

We’re sending y’all the new and coveted Camp Huawni Nalgene water bottle, only available right now by coming to camp parties and winning 1st place! It’s still a tight race for most team points (most points by a town of campers/future campers), so be sure and show up at the last few remaining parties to win. It’s also a close race for top camper points overall, held right now by Grace Stark at 412 points.

Want to win? Come see us tonight in Nacogdoches, tomorrow in League City, or next week in Austin and San Antonio for a chance to win and see your Huawni family!