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Thank you Ancipink Family for such a REFRESHING after school camp party at the park in Austin. We met some really cool new camp families, played a game of Huawni Ninja, and circled up for a little Sing Song. The weather was perfect for our Austin, TX afternoon.

Later, we headed over to the McCutchin Family’s home for an evening camp party. Luke McCutchin stole the show with his dance moves, tons of counselors showed up, and Parker Bengston and friends shared what Camp Huawni really means to them. Many of the heartfelt comments shared revolved around Huawni being a “place where you can be yourself”. Alumnus and host, Brent McCutchin, shared some magical, old school Huawni pictures from when he was a kid at Camp Huawni with his Lubbock, TX crew. Thank you Brent, Tina, Maddy, Ella, and Luke for an amazing evening!!

We’re headed to San Antonio for the next two days….hope to see you there!


Tess and her mom Sherri threw a really cool Austin party at the park!

The Ancipinks threw a great outdoor Austin Camp Huawni party!

Paul, Griffin, Emmett, Kyle, Emma, Caroline, Travis & Tess having a little fun

Brent with his 1983 summer camp cabin!

Emma and Tess love being outdoors, a core value of our Texas Summer Camp.

Maddy and Luke are ready for Camp!

Luke before his bid to persuade his parents he’ll be attending Huawni this summer

Ella backing her Tejas!

Maddy backing her Caddo Tribe!

Maddy shows off her summer camp trunk!

Brent shows off his parasailing skills at Camp Huawni circa 1983!

Maddy & Ella’s summer camp memories

Ella shows off her summer camp trunk!

Caroline & Emma say hi!