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One of our camp t-shirts this year says “At Camp Huawni, we don’t have wi-fi, but we’re sure you’ll find a better connection”. Actually, here’s a link to the front of that shirt: Happy Camper T Shirt

This morning, for the second morning in a row, a beautiful fog has rolled across the creek bottom as we’ve started our day.

Campers were surprised this morning with Connect, a day where kids get to pick any activity and participate with their cabin counselors. The Critter, Swimming, and Archery are jam packed this morning.

I wanted to stop this morning to appreciate the setting and environment we have at Camp. I’m grateful that your kiddos get to unplug from technology. As I’ve mentioned before, a recent study by Neilson Media Research showed that teenage girls send and receive an average of 4,000 texts per month. Also, according to Nielsen, kids ages 2-5 average more than 32 hours a week in front of a TV. When we kick off Talent Show tonight, I promise you that, by now, your kids are NOT thinking about texting. It’s a neat blessing they are experiencing this week.

Not only are kids completely unplugged from their Twitter accounts, but they really do get to experience eastern Texas, arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the great state of Texas. I’ve spoken with some of our families from other regions of Texas who love sending their kids to the Pineywoods for the summer because it’s so different from their region.

This morning I saw two hawks flying high together, chased by a few mockingbirds. Also this morning four deer, two doe and two fawn, grazed quietly just on the other side of the soccer field. We are amongst nature, and we are getting to experience our core value belief that “we were made to play outdoors.”

This afternoon we will be doing more Connect, followed by after supper free time and Talent Show. There’s over 36 acts, so it will be an eventful evening!

Also, after Talent Show, we will be inducting 80 plus campers into either the Caddo or Tejas Tribal Competition tribes. More to come on this, but know that we will be posting teams lists after the ceremony via this blog.