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It doesn’t get much better than Opening Day! Today was special for multiple reasons. It was the first day at Camp. The kids got here! We got to reunite with 2nd and 3rd generation campers. We got to meet our new camp families. It was truly a special day.

For those of you reading this, know that I hope this blog will keep you plugged into your child’s session. You may also check out the pictures on your CampInTouch Account; check that later today once we upload those pictures.

Tonight was also special because we had Ms. Ada’s famous fried chicken for dinner. It rained a bit longer around 5pm but finally stopped towards the end of dinner. Campers came back to the Dining Hall around 6:30pm the much awaited traditional Opening Night Show at the Dining Hall. Opening Night Show is a skit/show that the counselors put on for the kids. Tonight’s show was the Wizard of Oz, but the twist was that Dorothy didn’t land in Kansas, she landed on top of Honeysuckle Hollow (a cabin) right in the middle of Camp. She had to “follow the yellow camp road” to find the Wizard of Camp. Counselor Tommy Hankins (aka the Lion) stole the show and our counselors nailed it; it was quite a show and campers loved it.

After supper we headed straight to our front yard to play capture the flag. Counselors dressed up in their traditional silly costumes as the Unicorns beat the Ninja Kittens on the very last match. First-year camper Emily M. made an amazing score tonight, which ended up being the difference in the game. It was so neat to see Emily dive in to Camp and show a little bravery on night one. The capture the flag game ended in one big dance party in the center of the Front Yard.

Midnight snacks consisted of chocolate chip cookies, and Natalie D. had a birthday cake delivered to her cabin!

We’re all geared up for tomorrow’s first day of full activities and fishing. We’ll keep in touch!