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Camp is only 4 days away and we’re working hard to get Camp ready! Staff arrived Sunday evening and we’ve been training for our specialty activities (archery, canoes, and mountain bikes) and water safety. We’ve tweaked these activities a bit to make it more fun and challenging for the kids – I’m excited to see their response.

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We are anxiously awaiting our Session 1 families who will show up on Sunday, June 9th! Here’s a few reminders to all of our Huawni Families as we get closer to Camp.

Important Camp Reminders

1. Please bring ONLY battery operated fans. Due to a limited electricity capacity, too many plug-in fans will overload our electrical grid.

2. Please arrive at your scheduled opening day arrival time. This helps us to better process the flow of traffic and also allows us to better serve you by carrying your luggage as soon as you arrive.

3. Bring a water bottle or buy one at the Camp Store on Opening Day. We are big on staying hydrated at Camp, so make sure you have water bottle. We have plenty of Camp Huawni Nalgene water bottles that you can buy when you arrive. Make sure your child has one with their name on it before heading home.

4. Label ALL your child’s clothes with a black sharpie BEFORE arriving to Camp. If not, you’ll need to do so in your child’s cabin before leaving. This can be tedious and we want to make checking into your cabin stress free.

See y’all soon on the Front Yard!!