Camp Huawni was up early this morning, with SOJ (spiritual orange juice) starting at 6:45am. SOJ is a voluntary, staff-led devotional time where kids get the opportunity to grow spiritually. It was a beautiful morning!

Flagpole Hill is a prime spot at Camp Huawni to watch the sunrise.

After flag raising, campers were given a “not so fun” schedule, or so they thought;) On paper, it wasn’t too pleasant (i.e. canoes followed by archery, about a mile hike), but soon their counselors surprised them with Connect Day, where campers get to make up their own activity schedule. Critter was an instant hit. I love this picture of Olivia B. (above); her face says it all. The anticipation of being bounced on the Critter, especially at her age, is one of excitement and wonder. For those of you who’ve experienced the Critter at a young age, you know what I’m talking about.

AJ soaking it in on the Critter!

This afternoon we had more Connect, followed by Staff SOJ at the Little Red Church, and then a big soccer game Huawni style. The Purples Aztecs faced off against the Baconators. It was a close match, but the Baconators pulled off a 3-1 win, led by a score from Mateo S..

Right now the kids are enjoying snow cones on Flag Pole Hill to a Disney playlist. It’s one more full day of Camp in the books!

More to come tomorrow…these campers are a special bunch!

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