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Wow…is it really the last day of Camp? That’s hard to believe. All year we look forward to just starting Camp. Like the song “Summer” says, “how days looked to are now the past, and good it is that memories last.” We are soaking up every last bit of fun today at activities. This morning we woke up to a gentle rain; campus was so beautiful and a cool breeze swept across boys and girls camp. It was so peaceful – definitely a treat for our last day.

Yes…we love the last day of Camp!

Just relaxing by the Critter Pond!

We love slide!

This afternoon we will host the Critter Pond Mixer, a huge extravaganza at the Critter Pond where campers get to do any activity they like. It’s our last time together to celebrate the session and all the meaningful relationships we’ve shared.

Also, as we get closer to the end of Camp, a lot of emotion begins welling up inside, especially for our staff. They have worked so hard, all summer long, to ensure that your kiddos have a great time at Camp. Mental, physical, and spiritually exhausted, counselors are out on campus right now LTKing (loving the kids) with all they have. I am so proud of this group.

This morning in staff meeting counselors had the opportunity to share their summer lessons learned. Their thoughts and lessons were very touching. Watching this group of young people grow up into extraordinary leaders right in front of your face is a blessing few people get to witness. Here’s just a few of the remarks paraphrased from this morning.

I’ve learned to be a more open, accepting person this summer. It’s gotten me out of my comfort zone and made me a better person.

Camp has shown me how big an impact I can make in the life of a child. I didn’t have anyone like that to look up to, and to see the difference I’m making gives me a warm feeling inside.

I’ve had the opportunity to experience rich tradition, tradition that doesn’t need to be changed and is rooted in all the good things that make Camp.

We’ve got about 12 more hours of pure fun. Tonight is initiation and then sing song. One neat thing about initiation is that we get to explain to new campers how Camp Huawni jewelry works. Every other year or so, as you come back to Camp, you get as part of your tuition James Avery camp jewelry. The only way to get this James Avery jewelry is by coming to camp a certain number of years. We will also announce our princess and chief tonight; this is the girl and boy camper, voted on by the campers, that best represents what it means to be a model Huawni camper.

Right now the weather is cool, wet and calm. Parents, we’re excited to see you tomorrow. Just a reminder that Checkout begins at 10am; please don’t arrive any sooner so that we are able to serve you as best we can. Closing Day is a neat day…we are excited to celebrate the session with you!

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