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Yesterday afternoon we threw on our hiking gear and headed to the Carving Trees. This hike is legendary at Camp; it’s one of Camp’s most fun endeavors.

We hike nearly a mile down the Camp Road and cut over to a spot in the Pinson Creek where there’s a big cavern-like wall that drops off into a quaint little watering hole.

Campers, many for the first time, joined in the mud fight. The more mud, the more fun and by the end of the day, we had about all the fun possible we could. After the first layer of mud was complete, we enjoyed 8 ice-cold watermelon. We call watermelon dinosaur eggs here at Camp. They were oh so sweet.

The more mud, the more fun!

The Pinson Creek is a great place to explore.

Talent Show

Here’s a few snap shots of last night’s talent show. Talent show is a fun night because all of staff gets behind each act. There’s so much encouragement and even though there’s usually only one camper, many acts end with all of camp participating in some way. I’m proud of all of our campers who had the courage last night to step on the stage and share their talent with us.

Lots of talent at last night’s talent show!

In the spotlight!

Finn shows off his dance moves.

Did we say Talent Show was fun?