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Congratulations to Hannah M. for being crowned Miss Huawni for Session 3!

Miss Huawni is a neat opportunity for us to really affirm girls camp. Even though our contestants do get dressed up, we really do emphasize that it’s girls’ camp inner beauty that really matters. I love seeing Miss Huawni because it allows the entire cabin to rally around their cabin’s representative. Even boys camp gets into it by pumping up the crowd when it’s their escorts turn to be applauded.

Lauren is all smiles as she placed 1st runner up in Miss Huawni this session.

Hannah is crowned Miss Huawni!

Thursday at Camp
Today was a great day at Camp; we got to once again participate in Connect, where campers get to choose their activities. This afternoon was the famous kids triathlon, where campers participate in an 80 yard swim, a 2 mile bike, and a 1 mile run. Many kids who did not participate cheered their friends on and it was an amazing race. We hope to have pics up soon on this triathlon event.

Tonight we enjoyed our big Celebration; this summer’s theme was Halloween, so counselors dressed up in all kinds of Halloween costumes while campers enjoyed bobbing for apples and other carnival games. Celebration is the one night we actually allow kids to win and drink soft drinks and coke floats; it’s amazing how much they crave just one coke. So, campers were pretty excited tonight when soft drinks were served.

A few more cabin traditions are happening tonight as well. Last year campout, a special event for those spending their last summer as a camper, is tonight. One memorable thing these campers will do tonight is read their “What Camp Means To Me” letter to their friends. Campers get to write out a note and share it with their friends. This is really meaningful, especially when you have last year campers who’ve been coming to Huawni for several years. Tears will definitely be shared tonight.

It’s hard to believe there’s only one day of Camp left. This second week has flown by, and pretty soon you’ll be picking your little one (or big one) up on Saturday. We’re going to soak up the last day by having Critter Pond Mixer in the morning and Summer Tree in the afternoon. We’ll enjoy our last Sing Song as well tomorrow night at the pool underneath the stars.

Well, it’s time for lights out. We’ll be dreaming of one more great day at Camp!

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