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Opening Day

It was a bit overcast today, but that didn’t stop the fun at Camp. We are so grateful to have our session 4 campers at Camp! This is our final week of Camp, and we’re hopeful it will be our best week yet this summer.

We hope everyone had a smooth check in; please let us know if there’s anything we can improve upon.

This evening at 5pm we had our camper orientation, and then after supper we had some free time. Free time after supper is a a special time because it’s part of our day that is unstructured. This free time allows campers just to hang out with their friends and throw a frisbee or sit in quiet conversation.

Around 6:30pm we gathered at Flagpole Hill for our first of many camp traditions….Capture the Flag.

Claire shows off her hello sheet.

Michael greets Kelsey on Opening Day at Camp.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

We didn’t waste any time getting Camp started this evening. As is tradition, we marked off sides on Flagpole Hill, which is the original CTF site, for a big game of CTF. The Pink Leotards went up against the Spa Puggy Kitties in an epic matchup.

Before the first game, the boy counselors had on spa costumes, as Batman, Minnie Mouse, and Michael Phelps all made an appearance.

Logan N., Gabe R., Santiago V. and Sydney S. all made incredible scores for their teams. In the end, the Pink outscored the Spa Pug Kitties 4 to 2.

Santiago dashes across the boundary for a score!

Pine Top enjoyed CTF with a chant.

The goal is to run the flag back across to your side without being tagged…a difficult task!

Campers are now all in their bunks; we’re ready for a full week of camp. Tomorrow we’ll jump right into activities and then cane pole fishing tomorrow evening. Until then, lights out!