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This was the first Austin Camp Party we had with our offices now officially in Austin! Thank you, McCutchins, for hosting us and making Austin feel more and more like Camp. My favorite part of the night was looking at Camp Huawni “Then and Now.” The McCutchins made a poster of pictures of Camp back when Mr. McCutchin attended as a kid. On the other half of the poster were pictures of Camp now that Maddy, Ella, and Luke all come to Camp. It is fun to see what has changed and what has remained the same in 50 years of Summer Camp. After eating pizza, Sing Song-ing, and talking Camp, we had the most oozy gooey s’mores ever—our faces were covered in ‘mallow and chocolate, but we didn’t hate that at all!

Cannot wait to see everyone in Austin back at Camp for Summer 2014!

Everyone is glued to the TV watching the Camp Huawni session video

Gather around for the Camp song in Austin, TX!

Meet some of our Summer 2014 counseling staff!