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Even though Camp is not in session, there’s a lot going on here at Camp. Here’s the first of a handful of updates I hope to share with you this off season.

I’d like to first introduce the newest member of our year-round Huawni Team, Reed Grant. Reed’s family has long ties with Huawni, as his father was Camp’s horse veterinarian when our horsemanship program was up and running. Reed is originally from Center, Texas, and is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University. Reed has done a stellar job taking care of our campus grounds this fall, and we can’t wait to show you all the things he’s been working on.

We’ve been paying close attention to improving our lawns this off season, including the Front Yard.

Here’s just a few projects we’ve been working on this fall.

1. Volleyball Court Renovation
Volleyball has long been a Huawni tradition for both campers and counselors alike. After supper, it’s always one of our more famous summer camp activities. And when I think Huawni Volleyball, I think about Karch (a.k.a. Chris Watlington’s nickname on the court). Well, Karch is going to have a hay day this summmer, as we’ll be renovating the current court, adding a second court right next door, and adding real beach sand. We’re planning to break dirt next week.

We are currently preparing the volleyball court area for a major overhaul.

Remember the old pine trees that shaded the volleyball court? This is the last stump, which we’re removing and will be replanting.

2. Campus Lawns
Our hope is to make our lawns more lush come Camp time. Right new we’ve been doing things like cutting the lawns more frequently and planting ryegrass to prepare the lawns for spring time.

Flagpole Hill is looking quite nice in November!

In a few places on campus, we’ve planted ryegrass to prevent erosion. Also, it’s a convenient food for our deer!

Reed recently cleared the Asia Bottom, home of Huawni Pines frisbee golf course, archery, our tennis court, and the O.C..

3. Equipment Maintenance & Barn
We’ve had a big need for many years for a place to store and protect all of our campus equipment. Not only have we maintenanced all our equipment, but soon we’ll have a new home to store it all in. This will have a direct impact on our campers’ summer schedule, as we’ll be able to better maintain activity areas and overall maintenance, making camp a more beautiful place to play.

Ever wonder what it looks like to Trolley in November?