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At the conclusion of each summer, we sit down and take a hard look at how to improve camp for the next summer. Thanks to your feedback, there’s a lot going on at Camp in December. Reed Grant, our campus foreman, and director of operations, Mike McGuire, have been diligently working on a few big projects to make summer 2015 the best yet. Here’s some of the tangible improvements we’ve been busy on.

Volleyball Court Renovation

The volleyball court is getting a complete makeover. Not only will we have real beach sand, but we’ve also added another court adjacent to the original one. With new LED lights, I’m confident that the new courts will be the place to be next summer.

Facing west you can see the renovated courts, lined with cedar.

High Ropes Course

It will be a beautiful site when the first camper climbs up the new high ropes course this coming summer! This fall we officially launched the #BringBackTheRopesCourse campaign with our alumni, as Camp has pledged to spend up to $50,000 for every dollar donated to our camper scholarship program on or before 12/31/14. For anyone who would still like to make a year-end, tax-deductible gift, you can do so here.

Maintenance Barn

For a long time camp has needed a place to protect and store all of our equipment that keeps camp running in and out of season. Meeting this need will not only benefit the camp grounds, but it will also free up activity equipment storage space.

Camp Parties at Camp?

That’s right, for all our East Texas campers (and for any of of our campers for that matter), we’ll be hosting a few camp parties at Camp!! We’ll be posting the camp party calendar soon, so keep an eye out.

The soccer field is as plush as ever. We’re gearing up to use it for our East Texas Camp Parties!

I hope to keep updating you as our projects move along. Until then, enjoy this Christmas season!