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The Henderson House is one of my favorite places. It is the most welcoming, homey places I know and whenever I need to feel some deep love and comfort, I know the Henderson House is always there. The Adams’ definitely know how to be wonderful hosts with open arms at all times; it is the perfect dose of Camp in the winter months. The Henderson House and Camp Huawni both welcome anyone and everyone to feel unconditional, limitless amounts of love and comfort, freedom and escape. Just like at the Henderson House, whenever people step foot on Camp Huawni ground, the hard things in life disappear for a bit, it no longer matters what you look like, what you sound like, what you do for fun—you are loved simply because you are who you are. I have never witnessed kids experience self-confidence, empowerment, and love like they do at Camp Huawni; it was a joy to see that again in Henderson at the Adams’ Camp Party. So, thank you, Adams Family, for creating this atmosphere, for creating this place of love and comfort, freedom and escape.

The newest addition to Camp Huawni Sing Song!

Marie, Hannah, and Macy cannot wait to be back together again at Camp Huawni for Summer 2014!

Hannah (4 years at Camp) caught the magic in Henderson, TX!

Our Assistant Directors, Juanse and Kelsey, made it our to Henderson for the Camp Party!

S’mores for everyone!

Milee (4 years at Camp) and her mom, Amy, stop by the Henderson Camp Party