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The key to making Camp great is hiring great leaders. Unless you’ve been a camp director, you likely haven’t seen what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to reviewing applications, interviewing, asking really tough questions to potential staff, and then eventually hiring college-aged young people. Carefully selecting staff is a big deal, and it is my pleasure in the coming weeks to introduce to our you our leaders for the coming 2014 summer.

I am honored to first introduce you to Lindsey Gabel, our girls’ assistant director. Lindsey is one of the most honest, caring, and intelligent young women that I know. This will be her 14th summer at Camp Huawni, and her 4th on our leadership team. Lindsey has a gift for investing in young people; she is graduating from Texas A&M University this coming May with a degree in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in special education. Lindsey will soon be qualified to teach ESL, K-6 general education and K-12 special education.

I got a chance to chat with Lindsey this week. Meet Lindsey Gabel!

TEA: What about Camp makes your heart beat? Why are you so passionate about it?

LG: There are so many reasons that I am passionate about camp. The lifelong friendships, simplicity of life without distractions, and tradition that is built into the structure of Huawni together are what make my heart beat for Camp. The opportunity that Camp has to be a positive impact on someone’s life is immeasurable. As a 22 year old who is figuring life out, I’ve realized that camp has been the foundation of so many different positive relationships, decisions, and life outlooks throughout my life since I was 8. In a condensed version, the positive impact that Camp has had on my life for the past 14 years and so many others for the past 50 years is the reason that I believe in Camp with my whole heart.

TEA: What’s your favorite Camp story?

LG: One of my favorite camp experiences is when I was a counselor and my best friend and I stayed up all night with some of the last year campers on flag pole hill one of the last nights of camp. We stayed until the sun rose talking about the summer, all of our favorite memories, and getting excited for the summers to come.

TEA: What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

LG: I am most looking forward to spending time with all of the returning campers and counselors and getting to know all of the first-time campers!

TEA: What do you want to say to the campers today?

LG: Prepare for the greatest summer of your entire life!