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Happy Monday! Like I’ve said before: leadership is everything. Ever summer, behind the scenes, our leaders are serving to make your child’s experience top notch. Today I’d like to introduce to you our Men’s Assistant Director, Pete Fitzsimmons. Pete is a recent graduate of East Texas Baptist University and also served at the varsity men’s soccer team captain.

My favorite story about Pete happened a couple of years ago. A girl camper had lost her digital camera; she was afraid she’d accidentally thrown it in the trash. She was heart broken and in tears. Meanwhile, Pete decided to hop in the enormous camp dumpster and, bag by bag, look for the lost camera. One hour later, Pete had returned the camera to the little girl. That was one happy camper. This story epitomizes Pete’s heart to serve and love the kids.

Here’s what Pete had to say about Camp and this upcoming summer:

TEA: What specifically in regards to Camp are you passionate about?

PF: Camp Huawni is a special place to me. I am passionate about taking every opportunity I get to be a part of a child’s memory while they are at camp. To see a child’s face light up has to be one of the best feelings and little do some of the kids know, they light up our (staff) faces just as much! To sum it up- there are so many things I love about Camp Huawni!

TEA: What’s your favorite camp story?

PF: My favorite camp story has to be the summer of 2012 where it rained and rained and then rained some more and the entire camp was soaked (no lightning of course)! Did that stop camp from being outdoors and having fun with friends? It sure didn’t as there was dancing on flag pole hill, mud volleyball, and mud sliding! I will never forget that experience because I was able to share it with really great people.

TEA: What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

PF: I am most looking forward to making an impact on all the new campers that come to Camp Huawni for the first time along with making many more memories with campers who I have been lucky enough to get to know during my three years at camp!

TEA: What would you like to say to campers as we get closer to Camp?

PF: I want to say to all the campers today that I miss them so much! There are so many times throughout the year that I get to brag about how cool Camp Huawni is and the main reason for that is because of how awesome the campers and staff are. This is a place where you have an opportunity to make your very best friends and call this place your second home. I hope you cherish and remember every moment and enjoy the amazing experience you will have. Know that each of you have made an impact on my life that I will never forget!