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Bunk Availability

Our boy camper two-week sessions are officially sold out. But, we still have room for boys in both Sessions 1 and 4.

We only have about 5 spots in Session 2 and 10 spots in Session 3 for girl campers. For all our families considering two weeks or longer, we strongly encourage you to sign up this week!

Campus Update

There’s still a lot going on as we get camp ready. Just this week we had our tree arbor, David, come and trim and cut any trees that might be at risk of falling during the summer. This is something we do each year as an extra safety precaution. Thank you to our tree crew who did an excellent job of cleaning up limbs yesterday. We can’t even tell they were here!

We also made some major headway on cleaning up and preparing the Obstacle Course (O.C.). Because of the spring floods, the creek washed away our platform completely. Yesterday Cullen and Nick cleared the rest of the course and it’s shaping up nicely. Now all that’s left is constructing a new platform and clearing some limbs in the creek bed. As natural as it is, the O.C. actually takes quite a bit of prep, especially this year.

This is the first of two cabins that got hauled in this week. The match perfectly the DNA of our Huawni buildings (Huawni brown and tin roofs).

Our two new director cabins have arrived! For the last few summers we’ve been running out of space, literally. The old bunk room has been stacked full both summer and year-round girls staff. When you toss in there our new baby boy Bear, you can see the trend— we need more space! We are so grateful for this new space, as it will allow us to better run Camp and better serve your children.

Coffee is a novelty early in the morning at Camp. Our son Bear got his first cup of Camp coffee this week.

Rachel, Summer, Kelsey & Lindsey give the TP Shuffle a try. It’s harder than it looks!

Low Ropes is officially open. For the first time, we spent about an hour and a half trying to conquer the new elements. We ended up having more fun than ever expected. It turns out the TP Shuffle is quite the challenge. We can’t wait for our campers to get to experience this new activity. Plus, the spot where it sits is beautiful, nestled between some old pines on a part of campus never before used.

The Great Huawni Race

On Tuesday our leadership team participated in the Great Huawni Race, a treasure hunt across Shelby County. This was inspired by Chris Watlington and Rob Payne, two of our long-time directors who known for embracing “the hunt” with all of camp. Challenges in this race included laughing like Uncle Pat at a place he frequents, going to a former director’s house and singing the Camp song, running a relay race around the courthouse square in downtown Center, driving through Whataburger, ordering a drink, and asking the server his/her most embarrassing moment, and successfully completing all three elements of the new low ropes course. The race was epic, and our competitive personalities spilled over for sure.