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What’s going on at Camp? In short, alot.

This week our Daddy Earl’s Work Crew (DEWC) arrived. DEWC is a select group of college counselors that show up for Camp early to volunteer their time to get campus shaped up and ready for the kids. This summer we have Nick Siler, Summer Moscrey, Alex Perez, and Erin Delony. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it; this group is sacrificing time with friends and family post college, just to make Camp great for our campers.

Nick & Alex take on the impossible task of re-organizing the equipment trading post. They did a remarkable job!

DEWC has hit the ground running. In just two days, they’ve already completely cleaned out and organized all storage areas (Trading Post, Bear Cave, Hyatt, Director’s Office, Media Room), re-landscaped our flower beds, set up archery and repainted our archery lanes, set up the tennis court, and hauled off several loads of trash. Camp parent Dale McCauley has even pitched in this weekend to help DEWC fill armadillo holes and clear out the area around the Skillet (a.k.a. basketball court).

We recently sprayed cabin for bugs; this allows us to still live in open air cabins and enjoy the crickets and the frogs as we go to sleep at night. I’d like to say a special thanks to Matt Gregory, who just finished constructing our low ropes. This summer we’ll be tackling three elements: spider web, trust fall, and TP Shuffle. Huawni Pines Disc Golf Course (my personal favorite spot at Camp during the late afternoon) is also up and ready to be played!

This weekend we’ve also had the joy of spending time with some of our high school staff. Because some high schools finish so late in the year, we have high schoolers come on campus for the weekend to get training they’d otherwise miss because of school. Tonight we’ll be eating Miss Ada’s new dish, pork tacos!

Camp is in the air and things are picking up. We will see you soon; only 4 weeks until Camp!