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Welcome to our fifth full day of Camp! Rivalry is in the air, and you can feel the energy as campers get ready to compete in tonight’s Caddo vs. Tejas soccer match. But before tonight’s friendly match, all of Camp got to hike down the Camp Road to the Carving Trees. The Carving Trees is a big tradition for us; we hike to a hidden location on the Pinson Creek, surrounded by huge beech trees and a giant black wall of rock. Today’s hike was a success; only a dozen or so campers chose not to get muddy. I took a few boy campers on a secret mission to go catch the enemy (all camper and counselor friends of ours). We were successful in that all three targets walked away dripping with mud and watermelon juice.

Campers are cleaning up now before dinner, and soon we’ll see campers getting in some early soccer reps on the freshly painted soccer field. Kickoff tonight is at 7pm. Soccer works like this: Caddo and Tejas field two teams, with each team consisting of an older group and a younger group. Essentially there’s two matches. If either team wins both matches, they win the soccer team points. If they tie 1-1, we decide the winner by way of a shootout.

Also, here’s a quick update from Skit Night. The girls from Cedar Flats took home the spirit stick after they performed a CIT spoof and rap. I was impressed with the level of counselor participation this session. All of our staff stepped up and played big roles with their cabins to capture the audience’s attention. All of our cabins we well rehearsed and I was proud of their efforts. Other cabins in the audience were also super supportive of their friends who performed on stage.

I’ve got some more pictures from our fantastic photo team. I’d like to give a shout out to these girls: Kayla, Kaylee, and Claire. Thank y’all for working hard day and night post these amazing pics!

Gracelyn & Marin catch some pool time at Connect.

It’s Critter Time!

Gavin and Noah in the ‘Worst Circus On Earth’

Michelle and Claire impersonate animals in ‘How Does The Fox Go’.