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The Hike to the Carving Trees did not disappoint yesterday. Here’s several pictures from yesterday’s mud extravaganza in the Pinson Creek (see below).

Caddo and Tejas battled it out last evening and boy was it a close match up. In Game 1, Tejas won 2-0 thanks to the help of a Baird H. goal. In Game 2, Caddo won 1-0. Bo and Cooper H. played a major role in this game. Cooper H. scored the only goal in this match, and Bo H. made an incredible goalie save that literally saved the game and forced a PK match (both Tejas and Caddo won one game each, so we went to a kick off). In the PK, each team got 6 shots each. Tejas made two early kicks, and went on to win the PK 2-0. As is tradition, this morning at Flag Raising we raised the Tejas flag, signifying their most recent team victory. At the end of the session, and summer, the tribe who wins all of Tribal Competition has their flag flying the rest of the year.

Mallory shows us how to apply watermelon to a friend’s forehead!

Ellory with a mud facial eating her watermelon

In the creek is the the place to be on Hike to the Carving Trees!

Tejas warms up before their soccer match.

Caddo players advance the ball during match play last evening.

Tejas cheer on their team in last night’s soccer match.

By the way, our new flagpole is officially up! I hope to share more on that soon. A BIG thank you to you alumni and parents who donated to make this possible.

Today we are continuing individual competition at activities. Campers compete in canoes, archery, swim, hot shot, horseshoes, OC, and mountain bikes; those who place in the top three contribute points to their tribe.

This evening we’ll begin to slow down and rest a bit by hosting our tradition cookout, karaoke, story telling, truck ride, and sing song. Once Sunday gets here, we sleep in a little, go to the Little Red Church, and spend the afternoon doing our favorite activities. I’ll be leading our Sunday Hike tomorrow along with Director Emeritus, Rob Payne. This is a special hike we take each two-week session and it’s one of my favorites. I’m not sure which destination we’ll hike to tomorrow, but I’ll keep you posted.

All in all Session 2 is going very well. All our campers, all of them, are having fun and in the flow of camp. We have a few campers who still have moments of homesickness, but for the most part homesickness is on the decline. We are thoroughly enjoying your kiddos…they are a special group.

With love,


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