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The rain did not slow us down; in fact, it may have ramped up our first day of Camp. Thankfully yesterday was mostly just a rain shower, which allowed us to pack in most of our activities. It was a beautiful sight seeing kids get their feet muddy. Usually, back home, kids aren’t always allowed to get mud between their toes. At Camp, it’s encouraged, and most campers love this simple freedom. It was neat seeing that yesterday.

Austin eyes the target on day 1 of archery.

Due to the rain, we moved Fishing back a night and hosted nearly two hours of Talent Show acts. Two characters from the Incredibles (Syndrome and Elastigirl) showed up to MC the evening and were hilarious. Campers sung, played the piano, break danced, and put on skits. Towards the end of the evening the Huawni Rangers (similar to the Power Rangers) showed up the catch the evil villain. This was their first appearance of the summer. We’ll have to keep you up to speed as we await their next appearance.

Josh makes a move during our first day of flag football. We added flag football this year as an activity.

Syndrome (aka Tommy Hankins) and Elastigirl (aka Kathryn Rawls) MC’d last night’s talent show.

Singing was a popular act in last evening’s sing song.

‘Call Me Maybe’ was a hit last night at Talent Show.

Campers performed in both groups and individually during Talent Show.

Last night we had quite a thunderstorm. Not to worry, all of camp was safe and sound in their cabins and stayed dried thanks to our cabin flaps. What a cool thing for kids to experience. This is one thing I love about Camp and sleeping in open-air cabins. You get to hear the rain hit the tin roof. Campers get to see the flashes of lightening light up the night sky and hear the thunder roll across the creek bottom. Children too get see nature’s magnificence in action. If we had closed-in, air-conditioned cabins, kids would have missed out on last night. Counselors and campers were sharing stories this morning on how awesome last night’s storm was. This is another small way that campers are getting to experience a little more independence…a little more courage….a little more nature.

Today we’ve got another full plate of activities, and this evening we’ll be hiking over to the iPond for a little fishing, s’mores, and sing song. The sun is shining again at Camp Huawni, and we like that too!

Grateful For Our RNs

For a long time our camp nurses have been an anchor for camp safety. I’m very grateful for the nursing staff we have this summer. They are simply amazing and way over qualified. Our RN this session is Audrey Radler, who works as a NICU nurse at Cooks Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. Our nurse externs for the summer are Paige Newcomer (SFA Nursing) and Sydney Goode (UT Tyler Nursing). We had a situation yesterday where a camper needed attended to, and our nursing team did an outstanding job of taking care of him. Having this nursing staff is super reassuring when I think about safety at Camp. They are available 24/7 for your children, and that is very comforting.

Small Groups

Staff Meeting at Camp Huawni is an age-old tradition at Camp Huawni. Staff Meeting serves two big purposes. First, it’s a major part of making camp run smoothly, and this time together gets staff on the same page each day. Second, it’s a bonding time for counselors, which can be refreshing since counselors spend all but a couple of hours a day with their campers. This year, a couple of times a week, on the back end of staff meeting, we have counselors meet in small groups to check in and encourage one another. Today was our first time to meet in small groups. Groups went especially well this morning, and counselors got their emotional fuel tanks filled up heading into Day 2 of camp.